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Helping D2C businesses elevate and scale their CRM programs


Rooted in a career of team building and mentorship, my drive to empower others has found a home in speaking engagements.


My goal is to offer practical frameworks that transform complexity into clarity, igniting 'aha' moments, uniting teams, and fostering collaboration. With my talks, I bridge the gap between intricate ideas and actionable strategies, guiding you towards success."



Hi! I'm Melissa, – a seasoned Email Marketer on a mission.


My goal? To help D2C businesses transform their CRM programs into bottom-line superheroes.


🚀 Let's dive into the magic of email marketing, shall we?


Think of my talks as turbo-charged masterclasses, where I blend experience with practical frameworks.


Your audience won't just leave informed; they'll be fired up to take their programs to the next level.


Ready to amplify your CRM game?


Let's make it happen! 💥



Email Monetization Mastery: From Potential to Profit

Discover the roadmap to unlock the full potential of your customer relationships and maximize email revenue. Join me to explore a proven framework that will revolutionize your marketing strategy through a transformative blast playbook.💰


By the end of our session, you'll learn:

  • The 5 Types of emails your program needs to engage and convert your audience.

  • How to use Activity Rate, RPM, and AOV to drive revenue and efficiency for monetizing emails.

  • Segmentation strategies that keep your list healthy, without sacrificing revenue.


Bridging the Gap: Unifying Email, BI, and Engineering for Success

In this session, we're about to uncover the art of uniting Marketing, BI, and Engineering in an unstoppable collaboration.🚀

In today’s digital marketing realm, data fuels our tools for precision and personalization. But here's the catch – to unleash its full power, this data must be in the hands of marketers.

Imagine the symphony of insights and innovation we could create if our systems worked together seamlessly. But wait, there's a challenge – getting diverse teams to move in sync can be a real hurdle.

But guess what? We're here to revolutionize that.


🎉 Get ready to supercharge data integration, revolutionize report generation, and turbocharge collaboration.

Excited? You should be! Because by the end, you'll master:


  • Establishing a strategic partnership that unites Marketing, BI, and Engineering.

  • Aligning requirements and timelines using battle-tested strategies.

  • Navigating challenges and priorities for growth and insights.

  • Get set to elevate your strategies and transform your approaches. Are you ready to ignite the spark? 💥


Elevate Email ROI: Unveiling the 4 Foundational Pillars and the Role of CRM

Embark on a journey to supercharge your Email ROI with the power of the four foundational pillars. 💡These pillars serve as the bedrock for crafting a comprehensive program, delivering exceptional performance with the support of a high-performing cross-functional team.

Explore the setup, growth, and optimization of each pillar, equipping yourself with a comprehensive toolkit for success. Before diving into driving Email ROI with these pillars, we'll uncover where Email strategically fits within the CRM puzzle.
Get ready for an exciting ride and gear up to skyrocket your email revenue—because it's easier than you might think.

What You'll Learn:


  • Unveil the 4 foundational pillars for soaring Email ROI: List Growth, A Blast Playbook, Lifecycle Programs, and Data Integration.

  • Comprehend the vital role of Email within the broader CRM strategy.

  • Master the art of setting up, growing, and optimizing each individual pillar.

  • Gain insights into the harmonious collaboration of these four pillars within a larger team and across various channels.



Vice President of Partnerships

So good! I missed Melissa’s live talk but got the chance to watch the recording and WOW. It was so smooth I just assumed it was edited together! We need more educational content like this for our team and partners.


People Ops Specialist

Not only was it educational, fun and interesting, but her presentation skills were top notch !!


Marketing Strategy Expert for PropTech and Smart Buildings

The world of marketing has so many directions and its often overwhelming. Working with Melissa really helped me stay focused on my priorities. She gave me some starting points and explained how each step is going to get me to my targeted end point. I'd highly recommend Melissa to give clarity and direction.

Melissa's talk was a breath of fresh air offering rare, real-world knowledge about CRM in today's digital marketing landscape. Truly a standout in quality and impact.

Arso Risteski
Email Marketing Growth Strategist

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